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10 Steps To Teach A Leader How to Lose Like a Champ

Dear Republicans,

It’s time to have a conversation with President Trump about good sportsmanship. It is an important life lesson that all parents have to teach their children and now, it is critical that Republicans teach these same lessons to the President.

Everyone likes to win but as my Grandfather always said — nobody likes a sore loser. Republicans, you must help President Trump handle his “big feelings” that have come with an election loss. Below are 10 tips to teach the President how to concede with dignity. You can show Trump that you value and understand good sportsmanship while making sure our country has a safe and healthy democracy. …


kendall m. rhodes

Kendall Rhodes is Founder /CEO of the Paraluman Media, a mgmt and production company in LA. She approaches problems as a process of discovery and change.

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